Videos and stills


Here are various videos of bubble rings travelling through the water.

Outdoor looking up

Indoor Looking Up

Dolphin Bubble Bite

Doubles (big, 1.4M)

Double, Slow Motion

Slow Motion Surface

Reflection Off Surface

Chop Slow

Humpback Whale

Here's a few videos from my time on American Inventor.

David's Footage 2.4M

The AI animation 0.5M

ABC Logo w/ Ring 0.1M

Note: You may need to update your computer's multimedia movie player to see the movies on this web page. You can get Microsoft's free Windows Media Player here. Download it and install it with the default options.

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Here are some still images of bubble rings that were created by the fishtank version of the toy. Click on an image to see a larger version of a picture, and some descriptive text.

These are photos of the "Marine Mammal Enrichment Device" version of the RingMachine. So far seals and dolphins (and people) have gotten a chance to play with the bubble rings. Again, click on the image to see a bigger version:

This row has shots of the surface of the water in the fishtank, right at the moment that a bubble ring hits the surface.

These are photos of a huge bubble ring blown by a humpback whale. See the link to The Whale Video Company on my "links" page for more info. Again, click on the image to see a bigger version:

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